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How to handle simple Configuration Management with Teamcenter II

The last time I wrote about Baselines as a way to keep track of your configurations based on Milestones. A disadvantage of Baselines is that there is a copy made of all the data. If you want to keep track of all released data, you can also use a so called Snapshot.



A Snapshot is a workspace folder that stores a reference to all the item revisions contained in a configured structure. You can use a snapshot to save and later redisplay the product structure in the same configuration with the relevant revision rules applied. A snapshot is sufficient to exactly restore those revisions that were configured when the snapshot was taken. However, any revisions that were not released are subject to change, including the associated data and CAD models.

When you request a snapshot, TeamCenter creates a new folder and adds a reference to each item revision in the structure to the folder.


To create a Snapshot:

·         Select the End Item in the Structure Manager

·         From the Top Menu

o    File

§  New

·         Snapshot


To keep track of snapshots and the structures they refer to, give them names and descriptions that indicate their content. Consider recording the name of the revision rule you used to construct the snapshot in the description field.

The Snapshot folder will be placed in your New Stuff Folder. Consider to copy it to your Item were the Snapshot is based on.



If you make changes in the original structure you can compare the original structure with the structure based on the snapshot. The Snapshot structure can be shown in the Structure Manager by Drag & Drop this folder on the Structure Manager Application Button.




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