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Simplify the Teamcenter User Interface

In my last blog I wrote about the use of Style sheets to make properties better visible for the end users.  In this blog I want to put some attentions to another topic: How to make Teamcenter more user friendly.

Teamcenter is a strong PLM system with a lot of functionality.  Because of these many functions it is also a complex system to work with. 

End users  see for example a lot of functions at the Top Menu and  if you look at the functions available under the RMB!

Functions available from Top Menu

Functions available from RMB

It will confuse the end user and in some cases they can  use functions that are not complete implemented yet.


Teamcenter had already an application available to change the Top menu for a long time:

Command Suppression

The Command Suppression Application gives you the possibility to select the application, the Group or Role and then Hide or Show the commands.

Command Suppression

As you can see this will result in a much smaller Top menu.


I think it is since Teamcenter Unified 8 that Siemens put a lot of effort in to make the system less complex.

Within the Teamcenter rich client user interface, application functionality is

provided in perspectives and views. Some applications use perspectives and views to

Teamcenter interfaces arrange how functionality is presented. Other applications use a single perspective and view to present information.


Examples of these perspectives are:

  • My Teamcenter
  •  Structure Browser
  • Workflow viewer
  •  Etc

These perspectives are also used in the RMB function:  Send To


By using the preference HiddenPerspectives  it is possible to hide the perspectives that are not used by a group.

The best case is to set the preference HiddenPerspectives as a Site Preference. This means the perspectives defined in the preference are hidden for all Groups.


Site Preference HiddenPerspective


To make all Perspectives available for a particular Group (e.g. DBA), you can set the Group Preference Hidden Perspectives.


Group Preference HiddenPerspective for DBA


The result of setting of this preference is a small RMB menu and a smaller Send To menu.





Without any programming and without using complex tools it is possible to make Teamcenter’s user interface more simple. This will strongly help the acceptance of Teamcenter by  the end user .

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