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Teamcenter For Manufacturing Proces Management English

Recently I participated in a workshop about EBOM MBOM at a customer. The discussion about EBOM and MBOM is an old discussion coming up with every PLM implementation.


The differences are often due EBOM is derived directly from the 3D-CAD system and MBOM should be used for the determination of the need of material at a certain moment at a certain location.

More and more companies focus on the Just-In-Time (JIT) to prevent that certain expensive items are in stock for a long time. That means that you should connect the materials to the cost center where it is needed.

Companies often make use of the so called Manufacturing BOM (MBOM) in combination with the Engineering BOM (EBOM). The problem is that in most cases the translation of the EBOM into the MBOM is a manual action. In most cases the EBOM is managed in the PLM System and the MBOM in the ERP System (or in Excel spread sheets).

This may result in missing parts in the BOM.

It even becomes more complex when there is a change on one of the BOM’s. What is the impact on the BOM’s?


One solution could be to manage both EBOM and MBOM, in 1 system

Manufacturing should have the possibility to create and modify the MBOM by:

  • Restructure of the MBOM so that it matches with the view for Manufacturing
  • To add unique manufacturing content
  • This should have no effect on the EBOM

Manufacturing Engineers should control the Update process of the MBOM by:

  • Identifying EBOM changes, which have an influence on the MBOM
  • Selecting the EBOM changes which must be synchronized with the MBOM.


Figure 1 Teamcenter provides the ability to manage EBOM and MBOM parallel


Still not all the problems for manufacturing engineers are solved with managing EBOM and MBOM


  • How do I manage my resources?
  • How do I manage my production documentation?
  • On which machines will product be produced?
  • What are the differences in production processes for the various plants?
  • At what times do I need the parts on a particular location?


Within Teamcenter, this is realized by making use of a so called Bill of Process (BOP). A BOP provides step by step how a product should be manufactured.  


By linking the necessary materials to the Process Step, you can determine the material needs at each stage in the manufacturing process.


In addition, the Resources (Fixture, Tooling) and production documentation are also linked to the process steps.


Figure 2: The relationship between Product, Process and Plant shown schematically






You may think, it is a lot of work, to build all the structures every time. With Teamcenter it is possible to define a template. Within this template the structures are defined and this can be cloned to a similar product by replacing the new parts. 




I think that Teamcenter is one of the few systems that can solve this problem in a structured way.

I hope this blog brings the reader new ideas and I’m very curious about your reactions.



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